FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spay Today?

Spay Today is a reduced-cost spay and neuter program of The National Humane Education Society (NHES), located in the same building as The Briggs Animal Adoption Center near Charles Town, West Virginia. Each year, Spay Today makes vital spay and neuter services more affordable to nearly 5,000 pet owners. Choose from 7 clinics in West Virginia and Virginia.  Read the following FAQs to learn how Spay Today can help you!

Why spay and neuter?
Spay (females) and neuter (males) is a surgery animals have so that they cannot reproduce. Spay and neuter is 100% effective. Once your animal is spayed or neutered, you will never have to worry about the animal producing puppies or kittens. Spay and neuter surgeries also prevent some major health problems, such as cancers of the reproductive organs. Following surgery,  an animal’s tendencies to roam, yowl, fight, “mark” are also diminished. In fact, dogs who are spayed or neutered are statistically less likely to bite than dogs who have not undergone the surgery. Lastly, spaying and neutering your pets is a socially responsible choice. Between 5 and 6 million dogs and cats will end up in our nation’s animal shelters each year; about one-half of these animals will be euthanized.

Do I have to qualify for reduced-cost spay and neuter services through Spay Today?
No. Spay Today is open to everyone, regardless of your income or where you live. If you are willing to pay a reduced-rate and transport your animal to a veterinarian under Spay Today’s program, we can help.

How does Spay Today work?
Review Spay Today’s list of participating veterinarians to determine the veterinary practice with the best location and prices for you. Once you know which veterinary hospital you would like to use, submit an application online to Spay Today. Your application will provide Spay Today with information about your pet and how to contact you. Applications are submitted at no obligation to you. Once your application is received, a Spay Today representative will contact you to schedule your pet’s surgery appointment at the vet hospital you chose.

What kind of animals does Spay Today work with?
Spay Today helps animal owners spay/neuter companion dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and ferrets.

Can feral cats be spayed/neutered through Spay Today?
Yes, some of our participating veterinarians work to help spay/neuter feral and “community cats”. We also lease humane traps to collect cat(s) for surgery. Please contact us for information about spaying or neutering a stray in your community.

I called Spay Today yesterday and left a message. When will I hear back?
Thank you for making the decision to spay/neuter your pet. We have a small staff who arrange the spay/neuter of nearly 5,000 animals each year. A period of days may pass before your call or email is returned, but we will get back with you!